New Series 4 Trailer Featuring Donna!

A new Series 4 Trailer has been airing on BBC1 from today featuring Donna talking about the Doctor while showing clips of Daleks, Sonatarans, Ood and more. To see the trailer, click here. Here are the words that Donna says:

"There are things waiting in the darkness. Creatures of metal and fire and blood. But he's out there, burning through time, facing a thousand dangers across the stars and never giving up. He looks like a man but he's a legend, and his name is the Doctor. He'll come back to save us and this time I'm gonna be ready. Then just like that...
We'll be gone. "

Also a preview was shown to Partners in Crime tonight on the Friday Night Project. Click here to view it. Also more Series 4 Promo pics have been released and so has the new DWM cover as well as pics of the Adipose and two new episode titles. I will post about that tomorrow.

~ Zobles