Planet of the Ood BBC Update

Planet of the Ood - Saturday 19th April - 6.20pm - BBC1

The Official Doctor Who website has had an update to promote the Planet of the Ood. Above is one of the many new Planet of the Ood promotional images. Others include the Doctor and Donna, Ood, other characters appearing in the episode, an Ood covered in snow and more! To see the rest of the pictures head over to the images section here! And with the update you can now see 2 new clips! One is an exclusive clip of the episode which you can view here and the other is a confidential preview which you can view here.
In other news the Sun is reporting that David Tennant has a new girlfriend. You can read the full article about that here. Also don't forget Battles in Time #42 is out now! And finally Partners in Crime got official viewing figures of 9.14 million viewers.

~ Zobles