Series 4 Press Launch

Last night was the Press Launch of Series 4 of Doctor Who. There were interviews with David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Russell T. Davies as well as guests including Simon Pegg and more. There are 4 videos of interviews and previews and here are the links:

  1. GMTV

  2. BBC News 24 (1)

  3. BBC News 24 (2)

  4. Other

  5. Showbiz
  6. Toilet Clip
  7. Donna and Wilf
  8. Doctor and Donna on Roof (1)
  9. Doctor and Donna on Roof (2)

At the Press Launch episode 1 and 2 were shown as well as a preview clip showing Jackie, Mickey, Sarah Jane, Jack, Martha, Rose, Harriet Jones and a half Dalek, half human hiding in the shadows. If I find the video somewhere (which is unlikely) I will post about it.

In other news there have been new photos released of Jenny (the Doctors daughter) and Miss Foster. Also Battles in Time #41 The Gelth, Gaslight Ghosts came out today and I also got my copy of DWA today although it is officially released tomorrow.

~ Zobles