Doctor Who Adventures Issue 64

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 64 looks at last Saturday's episode and has a sneak preview of The Unicorn and the Wasp, which airs this coming Saturday. The free gift is a special Doctor dress-up kit, with a pair of glasses, a sonic screwdriver and two badges. Also featured in the magazine:

:: Posters: Martha and the Hath, UNIT's Ross Jenkins, and the High Priestess
:: Tales from the TARDIS: A scene from The Fires of Pompeii
:: Activity: How to draw a Pyrovile
:: Make: An Adipose mask
:: Quiz: How well do you remember The Doctor's Daughter?
:: Secrets: Discover how an actor turned into Oodkind
:: Doctor's Data: Facts about Ood Sigma
:: Comic strip: Part two of Nightmare on the Boulevard
:: Win: The final part of the competition to win an Ood head worth 700 pounds

Doctor Who Adventures #64 is out now priced £2.10 and also Torchwood Issue 5 came out today. Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles