Doctor Who Adventure #67

The cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures Issue 67 have been released. Inside the issue you can read the top 5 moments from Silence in the Library, you can read a preview to this Saturday's episode, Forest of the Dead and read loads of facts on the Ood. Also in the issue;

:: Vespiform Game.
:: Four fantastic posters.
:: Tales from the Tardis: The Poison Sky.

:: Quiz: Test your knowledge on Silence in the Library.
:: Secrets: How the Doctor’s daughter cartwheeled to safety!
:: Doctor's Data: All about bad boy Luke Rattigan.
:: Comic Strip: Part two of Continuity Cap.

:: Time Teasers: Spooky Shadows, Parallel Picture and more!
:: Who knows!: Your questions answered!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 67 goes on sale from Thursday the 5th of June at the price of £2.10 and comes free with a free Bannakaffalatta notebook, pen and stickers. Make sure you buy it before next Thursday, when issue 68 is released. Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles