Doctor Who Adventures #69

The cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures Issue 69 have been released. Inside the issue you can read the top 5 moments from Midnight, you can read a preview to this Saturday's episode, Turn Left. Below is the press release;

Get set for the return of Rose Tyler in this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures. Issue 69 looks at this coming Saturday's episode, Turn Left, in which Donna runs into the Doctor's old friend.Also in the magazine is a Vashta Nerada mask, and readers can learn about the Doctor's long history with the Sontarans.The free gift is a bumper sticker pack, with 91 different Doctor Who stickers in total, including a set of Dalek stickers, two sets of holo stickers and a sheet for sticking on the front of notebooks and diaries. PLUS:

::Three posters: Cyberman, Midnight and Sontarans.
::Tales from the TARDIS: A shock for the Doctor in The Unicorn and the Wasp.
::Secrets: Creating the Nodes from Silence in the Library.
::Doctor's Data: Fifth Doctor facts.
::Comic strip: Can the Doctor and Donna escape the wormhole?
::Who knows: How many rooms are inside the TARDIS and is Miss Foster a Time Lord?
::Win: Goodies up for grabs, including the new K-9 Tales DVD box set.

Doctor Who Adventures #69 will be released tomorrow, Thursday the 19th of June at the price of £2.10 across the United Kingdom. In other news some new information on the new K9 spin off show can be found here. Will you be getting Doctor Who Adventures #69? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles