Doctor Who Magazine #400

The cover and details for Doctor Who Magazine #400, which was released today at the price of £3.99 at all good newsagents and comic shops, has been released. You can see the cover above and below is the press release;


Doctor Who Magazine reaches its 400th issue in style, with EIGHT extra pages and an exclusive photoshoot with the Doctor himself, David Tennant!

“I bought the first issue, in 1979,” David tells DWM. “I just thought, at last! Why’s this not happened before now? I was delighted. I chose it as my order. I used to be allowed one issue a week.” Could DWM run for another 400 issues? “Well, that’s a long time. How many years are we talking?” It’s been 29 years so far...“Another 400 issues...” he considers. “You know, I’m tempted to say, ‘If the television series continues,’ but Doctor Who Magazine thrived when the series was nowhere to be seen, to be fair, so I can see no reason why it won’t run and run. But hopefully the series will be there with the magazine, side by side, all the way. That’s how it should be. Yeah, with me on the cover! Forever...”


• Executive producer Russell T Davies looks back over the last five years, in his most candid DWM interview ever.

• An exclusive competition where YOU can win the chance to become a DWM reporter and go on the set of the TV series!

• Sontarans! The Brigadier! And Creepy Clowns! Discover what dangers lie ahead for the Bannerman Road gang as DWM talks to writer Phil Ford and previews the brand new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

• DWM celebrates The Sheer Brilliance of Doctor Who as Gary Gillatt takes an affectionate look at just what makes Doctor Who the best TV show ever.

• The Watcher casts a nostalgic eye over the last 400 issues as he charts the surprising, amusing and often bizarre history of Doctor Who Magazine.

• “You were expecting someone else?” The Time Team get a shock as the Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker, joins them to watch the end of 1986’s epic adventure, The Trial of a Time Lord!

• It’s the start of a brand new era for the comic strip as the Doctor discovers a familiar face aboard a prison in space... Part One of Thinktwice is by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty.

• Plus! Never-before-seen photos and behind-the-scenes info... and all you favourite features, including Production Notes, You Are Not Alone, Gallifrey Guardian, Reviews, Previews, Competitions... And a FREE, double-sided poster featuring an exclusive image of David Tennant on one side... and every single cover of DWM on the other!

Doctor Who Magazine 400 is out now, price £3.99. Come and join the celebration!

I got myself a copy of this magazine today and its really good. Make sure you buy if before the 16th of October which is when issue 401 will be released. Did you get Doctor Who Magazine #400 today? Please leave your comments. Thanks!