Doctor Who Adventures Issue 85

BBC Magazines has now kindly sent the Tardis Base the cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures issue 85 which was released today. Inside the issue you can read loads of facts about the Toclafane. The cover can be seen above and below is the press release;

New adventures for an old Doctor

In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures – out today – you can read about the return of the Eighth Doctor to digital radio later this month for a set of new adventures.

If you’ve not seen him before, we’ve got need-to-know information about this energetic Doctor.

And don’t miss part two of our win a life-size K-9 competition, for the chance to win your very own robot dog. If you missed part one, don’t worry, as there’s a bonus token in next week’s issue.


  • Three posters! Charlotte Abigail Lux, the Doctor and the Toclafane, and Donna and the Time Beetle.
  • Fact file: Terrifying Toclafane.
  • Tales from the TARDIS: Scares and shocks in the Library.
  • Who knows: What are the Sea Devils and what happened in the first-ever episode?
  • CAL interviewed: We talk to actress Eve Newton, who played Charlotte in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: Find out about Commander Kaagh and get a preview of the next story, Day of the Clown.
  • How to draw: Create your own Davros.
  • Who’s Where? A trip to Pompeii for a fun search.
  • Ultimate Tenth Doctor: The start of our new guide to the current Doctor.
  • Comic strip: Washed Away part two.
  • Woven word whirl: Work out the word whirl and win a book!
  • Win: Cool goodies up for grabs!
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get FREE Doctor Who Dalek and Cybermen figures.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 85, priced £2.10, is out now! Get to it before the Toclafane get to you.

This issue of Doctor Who Adventures is on sale across the UK and Ireland and it comes free with a Time Agent planner and pencil. Next Thursday issue 86 will be released. Issue 86 comes free with an Ood Operations communicator watch and Ood stickers.