Doctor Who The Darksmith Legacy

The picture above was made by me.
BBC Children's Books have revealed a new Doctor Who book range for 2009 to make up for lack of Doctor Who episodes. The new range of Doctor Who books are entitled The Darksmith Legacy, and it will be a 10 part series which will be released throughout 2009. The first and second part of the series will be released in January and from then on one book will be released each month. The book titles can be seen below;

Book One - The Dust of Ages - (29th January)
Book Two - The Graves of Mordane - (29th January)
Book Three - The Colour of Darkness - (26th February)
Book Four - The Depths of Despair - (26th March)
Book Five - The Vampire of Paris - (TBA)
Book Six - The Game of Death - (TBA)
Book Seven - The Planet of Oblivion - (TBA)
Book Eight - The Picture of Emptiness - (TBA)
Book Nine - The Art of War - (TBA)
Book Ten - The End of Time - (TBA)

In addition to these books, starting from November readers will be able to assist the Doctor in his Quest by visiting online at By registering on the site, visitors can create their own avatar and alien identity and begin collecting eternity points, crucial to the Doctor’s survival. Unapproved covers for the first two books can be seen in the picture at the top of this post.