Torchwood Action Figures Review

Simon Holmes, Manager of The Television & Movie Store in Norwich, part of the SciFiCollector family of outlets has made a review for the Torchwood action figures. You can read the review below;

Wave 1

The photos we have all seen are a good representation of the actual figures. Like all figures, I found that seeing them ‘in the flesh’ is a far more exciting experience that looking at pictures online. The articulation does not spoil the figures in any way, and is in fact appropriate to the figure – i.e. the articulation on Gwen is subtle, the Weevil has ball jointed shoulders that bulk him up etc.... Jack and Gwen are as good as everyone hopes they are going to be: well designed, articulated, and decorated. Jack has his Webley, Gwen has a Torchwood handgun. I know lots of people have reservations about both the Cyberwoman and the Weevil. I think anyone who has doubts will benefit from seeing these figures ‘in the flesh’. The Cyberwoman design and execution is a lot more subtle than a lot of people think, and the Weevil looks good with his dirty boiler suit and hunched posture – the articulation on him does allow him to be stood straight if you should wish. The bases for all four figures are black hexagons with a red Torchwood 'T' on them... The packaging I saw is totally unique, however I understand that some changes are being made, so there's little point in my commenting on it...

Wave 2

Remember how great you thought Captain John was when you saw the picture of him? Times that by three, for Ianto, Tosh and Owen. These figures are spot on. Ianto is dressed in black suit with red shirt and tie (black?). Tosh has her long brown coat and jeans, and Owen is dressed in leather jacket and jeans with red/pink shirt. Sculpts on all three of these are, in my opinion, super. I don't think anyone will be disappointed. All were equipped with Torchwood handgun. Captain John is better than the picture you have seen, wonderfully detailed, and if I remember correctly, looks to have more of a James Masters ‘smirk’ on his face that the image shows.

The first wave of Torchwood figures are due to hit the shops later this month whilst the second wave of figures are expected to be released later this year. You can see the wave one figures and two of the wave two figures at the top of this post.