The Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three Confirmed

The picture above was made by me.
Yesterday the BBC Press Office released some details on upcoming children's programming from the BBC for 2009. In this announcement it confirms that the hugely popular Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures will return for a third series in the autumn of 2009! The BBC Press Office said the following regarding the third series;

On CBBC, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) returns for a third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures in Autumn 2009, produced by Doctor Who supremo Russell T Davies.

Together with her companions Rani and Clyde and her adopted son Luke, Sarah Jane once again comes face to face with a whole host of weird and wonderful alien beings.

This confirms that Anjli Mohindra who plays Rani, Daniel Anthony who plays Clyde, and Tommy Knight who plays Luke will all be returning for the third series. To see the full press release for children's programming from the BBC for 2009 then click here.