Doctor Who Confidential Update

Below are some details about the upcoming episodes of Doctor Who Confidential which will air over Christmas;

Doctor Who Confidential Christmas 2008

An in-depth look behind the scenes of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, as we catch up with the two Doctors.

Watch: December 25th, 7pm - 8pm, BBC Three.

Doctor Who: Top 5 Christmas Moments

A look back at the best moments from the Doctor's festive adventures.

Watch: 25th December, 8pm - 8.10pm, BBC Three.

Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors

Over 45 years have passed since the TARDIS first landed on our screens on a cold November evening in 1963. Doctor Who Confidential takes a look back at ten incarnations of the wandering Time Lord, reliving some of his most heroic moments and terrifying adventures, and examining the menacing monsters, colourful costumes and faithful companions which defined each Doctor.

Watch: 3rd Janurary, 5.35pm - 6.10pm, BBC One.