Doctor Who Merchandise Update

Character Options have now released some information about some upcoming merchandise. A new Cybermen wave of figures will be released on January 30th with a Cyberman from 'The Tenth Planet', a Cyberman from 'The Tomb of the Cybermen' which comes with two Cybermats, theres a Cyberman from 'The Invasion' which comes with a gun and then theres the Cyberleader from this years Christmas Special, 'The Next Doctor'. Each figure comes with a different part to assemble a classic Cybercontroller from 'The Tomb of the Cybermen'. You can see an image of the Cybermen wave above and you can click it to enlarge.

A picture showing some other upcoming merchandise can be seen above and can be clicked to enlarge. The merchandise includes a Cyber Leader voice changer helmet from The Next Doctor (RRP £32.99, out 31st Dec), Captain Jacks Vortex Manipulator with with a mini Sonic Screwdriver, both items featuring light effects (RRP £14.99, out Jan 30th), John Smiths Journal of Impossible Things with a Sonic Screwdriver pen with a glowing blue top (RRP £9.99, out Jan 30th), and the Doctors future Sonic Screwdriver with lights and sound effects (RRP £10.99, out Feb 27th).