New Torchwood Audio Drama's for 2009

After the success of the Torchwood audio drama Lost Souls, the BBC have now commissioned three new audio drama's that will broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2009. Amazon has the three drama's listed for release on CD for the 4th of June, each at the RRP of £9.99. An extract from Torchwood magazine issue 13 regarding these audio's can be seen below;

''Just as we were going to press, we received exciting news of three new Torchwood radio plays coming to the airways in 2009! The full-cast recordings have been commissioned by BBC Radio 4 following the runaway success of the first Torchwood radio play, Lost Souls by Joseph Lidster.''

These audio's are being released to fill the gap for the lack of Torchwood in 2009. In other Torchwood audio news, In the Shadows and The Sin Eaters will be released exclusively as audiobooks on the 12th of March and the 4th of June, each at the RRP of £9.99. These dates and prices may be wrong as other websites have them listed differently. At the moment it is unknown who will read those audiobooks.