The Doctor Who DVD Files Magazine Online

The Doctor Who DVD Files magazine is now available online for the benefit of people who already own the DVDs, or for those who live outside the UK and Ireland. Ben Robinson, the project manager at GE Fabbri said; "We were contacted by loads of people who already owned the DVDs but were interested in the new magazine, so we decided to explore a new online opportunity which would also let us reach out to fans who normally wouldn’t be able to get hold of Doctor Who DVD Files.” To get acess to this content you must subscribe, and when you do, a new issue is added every 2 weeks. You can build up a massive library of more than 600 pages of Doctor Who DVD Files over the next year, plus theres over 150 pages of collected comics from Doctor Who Battles in Time that will become available when you subscribe. It costs £3 a month or £25 a year to subscribe, and you can click here to go to the online DVD Files website, where you can subscribe, and get a preview of the first 2 issues.