John Barrowman Torchwood Magazine Interview

Titan Magazines have today emailed us an extract from their interview with John Barrowman, the actor who plays Captain Jack in Doctor Who and Torchwood. The extract is from Torchwood Magazine issue 15, which was released in all good shops today. You can read the extract from the interview below;

"The new Torchwood story drags up a lot of people's secrets, and we all like to see that, don't we? It's the kind of story that, once you start watching it, you will be hooked. Even if you've never seen Torchwood before, you're going to fall for these characters, and you're going to go with them on anamazing journey that will be the biggest rollercoaster ride of their lives."

You can read the full interview in the latest issue of Torchwood Magazine (see previous post). In the interview John talks about Children of Earth and his new entertainment programme Tonight's the Night which airs on Saturdays on BBC One.