Limited Edition Torchwood Figures

SciFi Collector have today emailed us with some information regarding exclusive limited edition Torchwood action figures. Special limited edition versions of the forthcoming wave 2 Captain John Hart and Ianto Jones figures have been produced for James Marsters and Gareth David-Lloyds gigs across the United Kingdom in May. What makes these limited edition is that they are in wave 1 designed packaging and each figure features a unique edition number. The figures are limited to just 1000 of each and a small proportion of the limited editions have been made available online for those who won't be attending James Marsters and Gareth David-Lloyds gigs. They are currently available to purchase from SciFi Collectors online store. I have placed an order for these limited editions and if you want the figures too then I recommend you place an order very soon as there is only a small number of the limited editions available from their website. You can visit SciFi Collectors website here and you can see a picture of the limited edition figures here.