Doctor Who Adventures Issue 115

BBC Magazines have kindly emailed us the cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures issue 115, which will officially be released in shops tomorrow. This issue takes a look at the top 10 scary monsters, and it includes a brand new comic strip and much more. You can see the cover and the press release for the magazine below;

In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures magazine…

Look out for the monsters voted the scariest ever by readers of Doctor Who Adventures - the Weeping Angels. You’ll also find out the nine runners-up in our scariest monster top 10.

The issue has a tall cover, with a scary scene from Doctor Whoinside featuring these fearful Weeping Angels. There’s a terrifying fact fileto read and a hideous Angel mask for you to cut out and frighten your friends with, too.

The FREE gift this issue is an inflatable Angel - blow it up and stand well back! Remember not to blink at it.

All this, plus…

  • Posters: Sally Sparrow, the Doctor and an Angel, a Cyberman and Dalek Sec.
  • Attack of the Stingrays: Trouble for Christina and the Doctor as they race away from hungry monsters in an exciting photo story.
  • Terror through time: The Sontarans.
  • Understanding aliens: Find out how the Doctor and his friends can understand strange languages
  • Puzzles and competitions: Things to work out and win, including the latest Doctor Who DVD and Star Trek toys.
  • Comic strip: A dangerous cat is on the loose…
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get a Cyberman stationery set!

Doctor Who Adventures 115, priced £2.10, is out Thursday 14 May. Blink and you’ll miss it.

This issue of Doctor Who Adventures will go on sale in the UK and Ireland at the RRP of £2.10. If you want a copy then make sure you get one before Thursday the 21st of May, which is when issue 116 will be released. Issue 116 will come free with a Cyberman stationary set, and the issue will include a Miss Hartigan fact file, a monster survival guide, and a guide on how to make your own K9.