Ood Sigma is Coming Back

The News of the World is running an article which reports that Ood Sigma will be returning in the final Doctor Who special of the year which see's the regeneration of the 10th Doctor. Ood Sigma previously appeared in the series 4 episode "Planet of the Ood" and he was the assistant of Mr Halpen and he helped the Doctor and Donna to free the Ood from slavery. At the end of that episode Ood Sigma revealed to the Doctor that "his song is ending soon". A picture of David Tennant and Ood Sigma filming for the episode has been posted online. The picture was taken on Friday night at the Brandon Estate in London which acts as the Powell Estate in Doctor Who and can be seen below;

A couple of months ago Ood Sigma was spotted filming with David Tennant and Lindsay Duncan for the upcoming Doctor Who special episode, The Waters of Mars, which will air in and around November this year. It seems that Ood Sigma is a key part in the 10th Doctor's regeneration and from the photo taken of the Ood he seems to have red eyes which indicates he is under control, as previously seen in "The Impossible Planet", "The Satan Pit", and "Planet of the Ood". David Tennant's last Doctor Who episode will air at Christmas time this year.