Torchwood Wave Two Packaging Image

SciFi Collector, the people behind the range of Torchwood action figures have today emailed us an image of the wave two packaging design. The wave two figures are of; Toshiko Sato, Captain John Hart, the Blowfish, and Ianto Jones. The new packaging design goes in line with the third series of Torchwood, "Children of Earth", which will air in July on BBC One. An image of all four figures in the packaging can be seen below.

A full size image of the Toshiko and Blowfish figures in packaging can be seen on SciFi Collectors website and full size images of the Captain John and Ianto figures in packaging will be on their website over the next few days. You can visit SciFi Collectors website here where you can preorder these figures, and also don't forget that you can still purchase the limited edition Captain John and Ianto figures which were released exclusively in wave one packaging last month. The second wave of Torchwood figures are expected to be released this Summer.