Russell T Davies and David Tennant Interview

Russell and David has posted a new interview with David Tennant, the actor who plays the 10th Doctor, and Russell T Davies, the executive producer and head writer of Doctor Who, on their website. In the interview they talk about the specials and more and you can read an extract from the interview below.

Q: What will the tone of the specials be like?

Russell: Well, The Waters of Mars is one of those claustrophobic, submarine-type dramas, with them all trapped in an enclosed space with increasing darkness and intensity.

David: Planet of the Dead was the last hurrah for the 10th Doctor. He was in mortal danger, but he was loving it. Really, from The Waters of Mars and heading into that final story, the sword of Damocles is dangling, and that informs everything that goes on.

Russell: The finale is a personal epic. The Waters of Mars all takes place in a very small location. And then, that final story becomes epic, almost like a fairytale. But, it's really intimate, at the same time. It's got funny little aliens with green spikey faces, running around.

You can read the full interview with Russell and David on IESB’s website here. The next Doctor Who special, “The Waters of Mars”, will air on BBC One and BBC HD in November this year, and will air at a later date on BBC America. The final two specials will be shown over Christmas time.