SJA Episode Titles and Casting News

The  episode titles  for  the third  series  of  The Sarah Jane Adventures have been revealed by a source earlier today. The stories in the series will apparently be called; “Prisoner of the Judoon”, “The Mad Woman in the Attic”, “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith”, “The Eternity Trap”, “Mona Lisa's Revenge”, and “The Gift”. Please note that at the moment these titles are not officially confirmed and may not be correct. It is expected that they will be revealed in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine. The third series will air in Autumn on BBC One, BBC HD, and CBBC and it stars Elisabeth Sladen, Thomas Knight, Daniel Anthony, Anjli Mohindra, and Alexander Armstrong. In other news it has been confirmed that Suranne Jones will be playing the historical figure of Mona Lisa in the story “Mona Lisa’s Revenge”. Nikki Wilson, the producer of the series was quoted saying; “We conceived the character in a story meeting about 18 months ago and immediately named Suranne as perfect to play her - never imagining we’d actually get someone who’s in so much demand, but as soon as she saw the script she said yes.” Jeff Rawle is also said to be appearing in the series.