Richard Curtis Talks About Doctor Who

BBC entertainment correspondent, Lizo Mzimba, the BBC entertainment correspondent has interviewed Richard Curtis about writing for Doctor Who (read more in older post here). Richard said; "It features something very nasty and I hope it will be scary, funny and a bit touching, writing Doctor Who is such a joy.  I started off overwriting him a bit, and Steven Moffat came to me and said 'He doesn't talk like that, he's informal, he's modern'. So I've crushed it down and added in a few colloquialisms and it's really fun. There are slices of comedy in it, I've been aware because the plot is so strong that I can fool around and then frighten.  I wrote a chase today which is the most fun I've ever had." Curtis revealed that the episode will start filming in November and will still feature his trademark comedy, and will also scare viewers. It is suspected that series five might get an earlier start next year, as Richard Curtis said his episode may broadcast at some point in February, earlier than a usual April start.