Tom Baker Doctor Who Online Interview

Tom  Baker,  the  actor  who  played  the  fourth Doctor in Doctor Who has recently talked to the website Doctor Who Online a bit about his upcoming audio adventure series; “Hornet’s Nest”, what’s next for Tom Baker, and more. A quote from the interview can be seen below;

Q. If you had one final chance to go in the TARDIS, where would you go to and why?

A. I think to Hell and Back. Over the years I feel Hell has had a very bad press. I mean, if it's so bad why did Lucifer drop out of heaven and settle in Hell? And why do so many other people go there uninvited?

You can read the full interview online here and you can visit his official website here. The Doctor Who Hornet’s audio series will be released on CD in parts over the following months, the first part is available now.