Doctor Who Stand-Ups Wave Four

Cutouts Wave 4

Images of a set of a new wave of life-size Doctor Who stand-ups have been released by Forbidden Planet. The new set of stand-ups consist of a Sontaran, a Vashta Nerada, the Doctors daughter Jenny, Sarah Jane Smith, and Donna Noble. All of these character stand-ups go in line with Doctor Who series four and they are made from heavy card and feature small folding stands for display. Other stand-ups that are currently available to buy are of; the 10th Doctor, Captain Jack, Martha Jones, the Supreme Dalek, Davros, a Gold Dalek, a Cyberman, the Master, K9, an Ood and a Scarecrow. The new set of stand-ups will be released in most good collector shops across the UK and Ireland on the 30th of October at the price of £29.99 each.