The Mad Woman in the Attic Press Release


The BBC Press Office have a new press release for the second story from The Sarah Jane Adventures series three, “The Mad Woman in the Attic”, and it includes the synopses for both parts of the story. This story is centred around Rani, and you can see the synopses and two new pictures below.

SJS Rani Chandra

Part One
Rani investigates strange rumours about a demon living in a funfair at the seaside. What she finds there, however, is far more alarming than that and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about...

Far in the future, in 2059, an old Rani remembers the day when her whole life went wrong. As her younger self investigates mysterious disappearances at an abandoned funfair, she sets into motion a chain of events which unleash the terrible powers of the alien Eve.

Part Two
Alien Eve's powers grow out of control, with everyone caught in her sinister and endless games. As the echoes of an ancient war threaten the modern world, the danger extends all the way to the year 2059. If Rani fails to change her own destiny, then everyone is doomed.

The Mad Woman in the Attic part one airs on Thursday the 22nd of October, and part two on Friday the 23rd of October, both at 4.35pm on BBC One. The synopses for the third story, “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith”, will be released and posted here next Thursday. You can visit the SJA site here.