The final story of third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures begins today with part one of The Gift. In this story the Slitheen return, and we meet their cousins, the orange Blathereen. The synopsis for The Gift part one is below.

Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani face an old enemy, the green Slitheen, in the penultimate episode of this series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

When the Slitheen’s latest scheme is halted, their rivals, the Blathereen, arrive. Declaring peace between the planets, they offer Sarah Jane a gift – one that might change the future of the human race forever.

The Gift part one airs from 4.35-5pm on BBC One and on BBC HD, and will continue with part two of the episode tomorrow at the same time. Come back after the episode for the next time trailer for part two of the story.