Billie Piper Digital Spy have a new interview with Billie Piper on their site where she talks about her new series of Secret Diary (starts Thurs, ITV2), and a bit about Doctor Who. An extract is below.

You returned to film some scenes for Tennant's final Doctor Who outing. How was that?
"It was weird because I didn't have a full script and I had to do it in three hours. It was after filming Secret Diary in the day and it was too short! I didn't know anything about the story. I wish I'd been there for the whole episode - but that would have been a bit tedious!"

What did you think when you watched David's final episodes back?
"Do you know, I haven't seen it yet! I went away for Christmas and New Year so it would have been a bit weird trying to sly off and watch an episode of Doctor Who on my own! I definitely will though.

Read the full interview HERE.