Filming for The Sarah Jane Adventures continued last night in Cardiff outside “Bannerman Road”, and Gallifrey Base forum user “Timeboy” has been reporting. You can see his report along with two videos from the filming.

“First scene filmed was Luke creeping outside in his pj's - an evil looking Clyde and Rani taunt him. Clyde rips a piece of paper up, and Rani throws books into an oil drum. Then Sarah Jane comes and throws in what looks like the photo of the trio, Sarah and K9 from The Mad Woman in the Attic. Sarah Jane then lights a match, and the scene is cut...

Then the oil drum is replaced by a special prop one, with some sort of grid inside, that engulfs in flames. Obviously when its cut together it'll be Sarah Jane torching Luke's stuff.

Sarah, Clyde and Rani then leave, and the Nightmare Man comes. Luke shouts "Why are you doing this to me? Why me?" and he replies "You're mind is so ______" (something to do with Luke's mind being more complex). The Nightmare Man shouts "I'M IN EVERYBODY'S NIGHTMARES" and he wants to "unleash a whole world of nightmares". At the end he laughs.”

Full credit goes to Timeboy, if you use this content please credit him.