The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Sarah Jane Adventures producer Nikki Wilson was interviewed in the new issue of SFX Magazine (out now) about what to expect in the upcoming series of the show, as well as the fifth series. See the main points below.

“We do have plans for series five to introduce a new character into the gang, but I can’t say much at this stage.”

“We’re opening the series with a big story of Luke, which is very much about him facing his fears for the future – there are definitely moments where normal teenage anxieties will tie into the alien-of-the-week story.””

“Androvax is back, and it wouldn’t be Sarah Jane without a guest appearance from the Slitheen or Blathereen, though they;re not going to feature in a big story of their own in this series.”

On the gang going on their first jounrey to another planet: “So although we will be going off world, it’s not a whole big story set off world. We’ve been back in time before with both of the Trickster stories, but this isn’t a Trickster story – it’s quite a different kind of story for Sarah Jane where they all go on a quest back in time.”

On a possible crossover between the show and Doctor Who: “Where there are opportunities to cross the shows over we’ll still do that. There may be a classic Who character coming back, but I can’t say too much at the moment.”

As for the possibility of Matt Smith following David Tennant and having an extended cameo in the show, Wilson is keeping her cards really close to her chest. “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you"! The two shows are always close, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.”

SFX Mag is out now. The Sarah Jane Adventures airs in Autumn on BBC One.