Stone Dalek

For Doctor Who fans this week has probably been very long and boring with the unbearable wait for the finale! Well here it is, finally, The Big Bang is on TONIGHT! What’s going to happen to the Doctor, Rory, Amy, River, and the whole universe? And what has little Amelia Pond got to do with it?

“Silence will fall”, but who was it that said those words repeatedly in the TARDIS? Could it be Davros? Omega? The Master as some fans are speculating? We’ll find out tonight, but in the mean time leave your comments on who you think it could be in the comment box below!

Don’t miss The Big Bang, starting at 6.05pm on BBC One and BBC HD, and then Confidential will be on right after at 7pm over on BBC Three.

Come back here after to join the discussion of the episode!