Hey it’s Conor again, I’m back from holiday! I’d like to thank Ash for updating the Tardis Base whilst I was gone, you can check out his blog here!

DWA 173Press Release

To celebrate the end of an utterly brilliant series, this week the Doctor Who Adventures team are bringing you our best magazine yet – a moving 3-D cover, part one of our exciting Series 5 poster collection, the first winner of the new DWA awards and loads more!

This week, you are literally not going to want to put your magazine down! Once you manage to tear your eyes away from the super-cool 3-D cover, inside you’ll also find the Doctor Who World Cup (who wins? You decide!), the first part of our Series 5 episode guide, a massive monster quiz and a brilliantly fiendish Pandorica maze. You’ve only got a week to get your hands on a copy- grab yours now!

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 173, is out now.