The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine reveals some plot details for the Christmas special and upcoming series 6 episodes. You can read the details below thanks to Combom. Doctor Who Magazine issue 428 is on sale now.

Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol by Steven Moffat

Amy and Rory are on their honeymoon during the episode, and run into trouble when the pleasure cruise spaceship they’re travelling on finds itself under attack from “something very nasty”. The spaceship is orbiting an alien planet, which is where the Doctor is for a considerate part of the story. This therefore causes Amy and Rory to be separated from the Time Lord for the majority of the episode.

Series 6 Episodes 1 & 2 by Steven Moffat

River Song appears in the opening two-parter, which is set in 1960’s America. Doctor Who Magazine says "speculation is mounting that River, who in the future is serving time for killing "a hero to many", may be responsible for the assassination of President John F Kennedy! Although probably not. The story sees the Doctor and his friends answering a secret summons that takes them on a continent-hopping adventure from the desert in Utah all the way to the Oval Office of the Whitehouse in Washington DC".

Series 6 Episode 3 by Neil Gaiman

In this episode, the TARDIS breaks down on an alien junkyard world, which is where the Doctor encounters Idris (played by Suranne Jones).

Idris is preparing for death when the story begins, but lives and "by the time the Doctor and friends meet her, she’s gone mad and ends up biting the Time Lord. . . but not on the bum, DWM can exclusively reveal".

Series 6: Episodes 5 & 6 by Matthew Graham

Steven Moffat describes the episodes as "a thrilling and terrifying two-parter" and says that "the Doctor will face a dilemma the like of which he’s never seen before.