Know Your Enemy: The Trickster

Know Your Enemy is a new daily feature on Tardis Base looking at an enemy from either Doctor Who, Torchwood, or SJA.

Name: The Trickster
Species: Unknown
Episodes: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane Smith (2007), The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith (2008)  & The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (2009).

Information: The Trickster is a common enemy of The Doctor's old companion Sarah Jane Smith. He once tried to remove Sarah Jane Smith from the whole world, but Maria Jackson remembered her. The he tricked Sarah Jane into changing time so that her parents never died in a car crash. The last sighting of the Trickster was at Sarah Jane's wedding, where he managed to trap Sarah Jane in a single second in time. Luckily for her The Doctor was at hand.

Appearance: Tall humanoid figure in a dark cloak with hood pulled forward to hide his blank, expressionless face.
Weakness: Sarah Jane Smith & People changing their minds.