matt smithMatt Smith recently spoke out against Trevor Eve, after he criticised Doctor Who saying the BBC are “obsessed with it, it gets all the budget and all the attention.” Trevor Eve was the star of recently axed crime drama Waking the Dead. Matt Smith responded to his critical comments:

“If we all listen to Trevor Eve, then we’re in trouble. Thank you very much, Trevor, we appreciate your opinion, but that’s ridiculous. Doctor Who is brilliant. That’s why it attracts some of the best writers in the country, and some of the best actors. Trevor, try telling that to Sir Michael Gambon [who guest starred in the most recent Christmas Special].

“Show me any other series that can tackle this many big issues, appeal to this broad a range of people, and still have a laugh along the way,” Smith continues, “and I will say, ‘You can’t.’ That’s what I’d say to Trevor Eve. At least we’re never predictable. At least we’re inventive. This whole show is testament to Steven Moffat, and his ambition and his scope, and that’s a privilege to be part of. It’s as simple as that.”

Steven Moffat also responded and told the Telegraph: “Doctor Who is the show celebrities trash when they’re desperate for more attention.”