A new filming report for the series 6 finale reveals the truth about who River Song really is, so if you’re avoiding spoilers then look away right now! Read the filming report below…

River Song appears, in camo gear, and Amy and her cross check their diaries. River says she’s just climbed out of the Byzantium, “you were so young, didn’t have a clue who I was,” she says to Amy. She asks Amy where she is in the timeline, and and she says the Doctor is dead and that she’s sad. Not just because of that, because she killed Madame Kovarian. River says it’s fine, it was in an aborted time-line, so never happened. But it still happened for Amy, she remembers it.

Amy longs to see her Doctor again, but she can’t, he’s dead. River then says “Oh mother, he isn’t dead, don’t you want to know what he whispered in my ear?” Amy assumes it was his name. River says no it wasn’t his name. Amy says that the Doctor said he was about to whisper his name to River, but he clearly didn’t. He whispered something to stop the astronaut killing him. River reminds Amy about rule number one. The Doctor lies. So do I, she says. River says her life is one giant spoiler. She’s had to keep it from Amy that she’s her daughter, and keep secret about the astronaut: she knew all along it was going to shoot the Doctor. So Amy pushes her to say what the Doctor whispered in her ear before he went off to America to get shot. River grins and says “that man, always thinking so far ahead”.

She did do enough to earn that pardon in Flesh and Stone, and sees Amy after she is released from Stormcage.

River Song is also married to the Doctor.

Thanks to forum user Timeboy for this report. It has been reported that Steven Moffat has written a number of different endings to be filmed so this may turn out to untrue, but if it is what do you make of it, did you expect more or is this a good revelation about River?  

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