Doctor Who The Mazes of Time Update

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We’re delighted to announce that brand new content for the Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time app is available from today in the iTunes App Store . As well as fantastic new levels which pit your wits against the Weeping Angels, there’s also a brand new Level Creator which allows you to create your very own mazes.

Beware of the Angels 
Angels in the Shadows is another fun add-on to the Mazes of Time which brings fresh new challenges.

The Doctor and Amy end up in the lost city of Anglica on the 23rd March 1526 because the Doctor wants to find out why the city vanished on that day.

As soon as they arrive they walk into rooms full of Weeping Angels with very little light. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver as a torch, all you have to do is to make sure Amy doesn’t walk into any shadows!

It isn’t always that easy to outrun the Weeping Angels as they’re fast! And they’re clever, so watch out for any traps they might set.

Another bonus is that you can now create your own levels with the Level Creator feature.

The Update is available now on your iPod/iPhone & iPad for the price of £0.59/$1.00.

[Thanks to The Doctor Who Site]