An interesting article from Combom.co.uk here about Amy’s child in the mid series finale which airs this Saturday on BBC One!

“For months filming reports and wild speculation have together suggested that Amy Pond's newborn child will be the little girl in the astronaut suit, River Song, or both. But the Sunday Times preview of "A Good Man Goes to War" works against the River theory.

Amy now has a baby, but she and Melody are held captive in the season finale by panto-style villainess Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber).

Amy's baby is named "Melody" now? Melody Pond? Actually, it kind of works. But doesn't "Melody Pond" sound like an awkward inversion of "River Song"? As in, Melody and Song, and River and Pond? Or are we reading too much into this?”

What do you think of this? Is Melody Pond actually River Song? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comment box below!