Steven Moffat has revealed that the Doctor will never appear in the spin-off show Torchwood, because it is not suitable for Doctor Who's audience.

Talking to TVLine, Moffat said:
"The Doctor could never go to Torchwood, Russell and I both agree on that. Doctor Who has a tremendous relationship with children in Britain. They'd want to watch Torchwood then, and it's not really a children's show."
However, he's stated that he wants John Barrowman to return to Doctor Who, and he almost had Captain Jack featuring in A Good Man Goes to War:
"I'd have [brought back Captain Jack] for 'A Good Man Goes To War', but John was busy doing Miracle Day... When we've got a good story, we'll do it. You can't just bring somebody back and say, 'That's a story'. I won't be thinking, 'How do you bring Captain Jack back?' I'll be thinking, 'You know what this needs? We need to bring Jack back for it'."
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