We are very excited to announce the launch of something to TARDIS BASE that has been a long time in the making! TARDIS BASE is getting it's very own exclusive magazine, that you will be able to read and download for free.

The magazine, which has it's very own special part of the TARDIS BASE website, will be officially launching on 1st August with the first Issue. We will be releasing an issue for free every 3 months.

We are very excited for you all to see our hard-work, and we are very excited to reveal that it has been created by the editor of the former online magazine, Mad Doctor Who Magazine.

Here's what is coming up in the first issue:
  • We take a look at Torchwood Miracle Day, and the brand new US characters.
  • After the sad death of one of Doctor Who's greatest actresses, we pay tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.
  • With one half of Doctor Who Series 6 already out there, we take a look back at what has happened so far, and what is around the corner for the Doctor.
  • The first sneak peak at our first ever E-Book, The Devil In The Mist.
  • Plus all the biggest news stories from the last few months, all the latest products hitting the shops, as well as regular feature "Did you see that?.
Come back here Sunday when we will be revealing the cover and some exclusive peaks of the inside of the magazine!

Click HERE to check out the special website for more details and updates.