Forbidden Planet have unveiled an exclusive new classic Doctor Who action figure set for one of the most famous classic stories from the 1970s titled "City of Death". The set includes the 4th Doctor and Count Scarleoni with Scaroth Head.
The Fourth Doctor and Romana II are in Paris investigating a fracture in time. During a visit to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, the Doctor purloins from a stranger, Countess Scarlioni, a bracelet that is actually an alien scanner device. The trail leads to the home of Count Scarlioni, who is selling duplicate Mona Lisas to fund time experiments - all originals!

The Count is revealed as an alien called Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth race. He was splintered in time when his ship exploded above primeval Earth. His intention is to go back in time to prevent the destruction of his ship.
Realising that the Jagaroth spaceship exploding started life on Earth, the Doctor and Romana race back in time to stop the Count's plan.

Contents: Count Scarleoni Figure with Scaroth Head. Pistol Accessory (not shown). Painting Accessory (not shown). Fourth Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver Accessory.
The City of Death figure set is due for release in October, pre-order yours here.