If you read Tardis Base Magazine, then you might have read about our exclusive ebook, which is coming out later this year. The ebook, which is called The Devil in the Mist will be available for free download only from Tardis Base. Check out the official cover (click to enlarge) and the official synopsis below!

On the small planet Capron, in the 41st Century, there is something deadly hiding in the mist. The legends spoke of something in the mist, something evil. The whole village whispers of the devils that live in the mist, but they never willingly talk about it. Fear keeps their conversations in the shadows.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrived in the village after a young girl has been taken. They soon meet her sister Alice, and her mother Katrel. Will they be able to figure out what took the young girl? Will they be able to figure out what is wrong with the village? What secrets lie in the deserted Clifton hospital?

The Weeping Angels are back, but there's more to this village and the disappearances than the Doctor first thinks.
Coming late 2011 exclusively to TARDIS BASE.