Forbidden Planet have unveiled the very first action figure from the less known Doctor Who spin-off show “K9”, which is of course K9 himself. The show airs on Disney XD and follows the Doctors old robot companion having new adventures in the future. This collectable figure is 4” tall and is due for release in November.
imageWho let the dog out? Humanity's best friend K9 gets a complete 21st Century makeover as he wags his way into his own TV series. Voiced by actor John Leeson, he was first introduced to viewers in the DR WHO story arc, "The Invisible Enemy " (1977), which starred Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela traveling to Saturn's moon Titan. Since then he has been an enduring (and endearing) companion over many years to several Doctors, including David Tennant in "School Reunion" (2006) and again in "Journey's End" (2008) together with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. With Sladen he also appeared in the two spin-off series K-9 AND COMPANY (1981) and THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES (2007 - present). The new TV series K9 is created by Bob Baker and Paul Tams and started airing on UK terrestrial TV in December, 2010.

Originally created by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 is a brave and sensitive character, often sacrificing himself to help save his "Master." Now you get to be his master and take him home to look after him in the shape of this highly detailed and hand-painted resin figurine produced with the co-operation and help of the creators. Isn't that a great idea, K9? "AFFIRMATIVE!"

4" poly-resin figurine in full color packaging.

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