Check out SFX.co.uk’s exciting 21 teasers for The Wedding of River Song below!

1 First, a heads-up. We didn’t get an office preview of this one because, at Steven Moffat’s request, no previews were sent out. Instead, I had to go to the show’s London PR office for a private screening. But one thing’s for sure – if we had had a preview version in our office, I would have watched the whole thing over again straight away. Sadly, I was a little too embarrassed to ask the PR guys if I could do that there and then. Now I wish I’d gone, “Sod professionalism…”

2 The reason I’d want to watch it again straight away is not because it’s massively complicated and you need to rewatch it to make sense of it. In fact, it’s a surprisingly simple tale, though told in a clever way. No, I wanted to watch it again because a) it’s so rich with detail and b) it’s enormous fun.

3 There is technobabble, but that’s largely a red herring

4 The teaser looks like it was more expensive than the rest of the “back six” put together. It’s a visual and conceptual delight

5 It does answer a lot of questions, but some old ones (from Matt Smith’s first series) are still left open, and some new ones are posed

6 There are many, many glorious special effects sequences

7 The denouement is bound to cause some debate. If you like the episode, you’ll be able to rationalise it, but if you don’t you’ll be going, “But hang on, in that episode…?” But that’s Doctor Who fandom

8 You’ll discover a whole new meaning to the phrase “Live Chess” that has nothing to do with Harry Potter

9 The Doctor wonders if he could be the fifth member of something

10 Wi-fi comes in handy

11 There’s the return of an old look for the Doctor

12 There are some unexpected (truly unexpected) returning characters

13 There’s a moving tribute to an old friend

14 The Doctor offers and eye for an eye patch

15 A big revelation may remind you of Little Britain

16 There are some peculiar postmen

17 Somebody’s portrait looks nothing like them

18 The episode title may not be as much of a red herring as you might think. But then again…

19 Bow ties are not just cool, they’re useful on occasion

20 It’s a bit of a gamechanger

21 The eye patch is explained.

The finale airs this Saturday at 7.10pm on BBC One!