Another year is almost over, and 2012 is just around the corner. 2012 is a big year for the world. It's  the year the Olympics come  to London, the year the world ends, and the year Doctor Who is off air until Autumn (sad times).

2012 is also a rather eventful year for the world of Doctor Who. It's the year that in a military base somewhere under Utah a stray Dalek goes on a killing spree and becomes part Rose. It's also the year that Doctor Who predicted we'd have touch-screen glass computers (they got the touch screen bit right). It's also the year that Henry van Statten (the man who owns the Internet) has his memory wiped and is left on the side of the road in an American city beginning with 'S'. Keep a look out for him!

On the note of  'dumping', Adam Mitchell was also dumped back in his (very dated looking) home in 2012 after getting a nice door implanted in his forehead.

Also in 2012, the Doctor carries the Olympic torch to the opening ceremony (imagine), after freeing young Chloe Webber of Isolus and living drawings. Doctor Who predicted that we'd have easy access to TV on our computers (with Chloe watching BBC News 24 on her laptop), which wouldn't have been so easy back in 2006. However, they very wrongly predicted that Shayne Ward would be on his Greatest Hits tour. In actual fact, his third album flopped and he got dropped from his record company. Hard times.

Somewhere in an alternate universe Melanie Bush never met the 6th Doctor and died of a brain tumour at the age of 48 in 2012. 2012 is also the year that Alistair Gryffen from K-9 was born!

What are you most excited for in 2012?