hornets nest

This Christmas BBC Radio 4 Extra will be broadcasting the 4th Doctor audio drama series “The Hornet’s Nest” for the first time ever. The Hornet’s Nest is a five part series originally released on CD in 2009 by Audio Go which saw Tom Baker reprise his role as the Doctor for the first time since he last appeared in classic Doctor Who. The Hornet’s Nest will kick off on Monday December 12th, see the schedule below:

On Monday and Tuesday, in The Stuff of Nightmares, Mike Yates is reunited with the Time Lord. Barricaded in the Time Lord's cottage, he hears about re-animating bugs.

On Wednesday and Thursday, in The Dead Shoes, it's back in time to 1930s Cromer for Mike's next lesson about the alien swarm.

On Friday and Monday, in The Circus of Doom, the Time Lord encounters the invading swarm in early 19th-century rural England.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, in A Sting in the Tale, his next alien insect encounter, the Doctor travels back to medieval England.

In the final story on Thursday and Friday, Hive of Horror, now up to speed, Mike Yates joins forces with the Time Lord to tackle the alien swarm.

You can buy “The Hornet’s Nest” boxset here from Amazon, or get the follow up series “Demon Quest” here from Audio Go.