The lovely folks at Silva Screen Records have sent us a copy of the series 6 Doctor Who soundtrack to review. I was quite excited to listen and see what Murray Gold has got in store for us this year following last years wonderful selection of tracks.


It starts out very exciting with “I Am The Doctor In Utah”, a lovely piece that most people will remember from “The Impossible Astronaut” straight away. You may expect it to continue on a high, but with 66 tracks included, it does get a little dull a few tracks in. Sadly a lot of them are rather forgettable and I didn’t even associate most of them with particular moments of the series, something I have grown used to in the line of Doctor Who and Torchwood soundtrack releases.

However, some of the tracks (our favourites listed below) are very bold and brilliant, very traditional Matt Smith era compilations that are fast paced and exciting, particularly “5.02PM” and “The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box)” but I think some of the best tracks are way too short, whilst the less exciting slow paced ones go on for a lot longer. It also seems there is a very little selection of strong emotional tracks we are used to from previous releases.

Our favourite tracks:
I Am The Doctor In Utah
I See You Silence
Room Of Your Dreams
Stormageddon, Dark Lord Of All
Time Is Moving
The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box)

All the negatives aside and you have a somewhat enjoyable selection of music, and although for me it doesn’t feel so special right now, in a few years I expect it to give every fan a wonderful sense of nostaljia to look back on Doctor Who in 2011. This is certainly a nice Christmas gift for the die hard fans.

Here at TARDIS Base we give it a 6/10 rating. You can pre-order the Doctor Who series 6 soundtrack from Amazon HERE. For the full track-listing click here.