Torchwood 'Army of One' Set Post-Miracle Day

The synopsis for the new audio exclusive Torchwood story "Army of One" is now available and reveals that the adventure takes place after "Miracle Day", becoming the first spin-off product of the show to venture forward with the story of Torchwood. Read the synopsis for "Army of One" below:

Kai Owen reads this exclusive audio adventure set after the conclusion of ‘Miracle Day’, featuring Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams.

Washington D.C., post-Miracle. The city has been hit by a spate of very unusual serial killings. The victims are different ages and genders and the locations vary, but each body has one thing in common – it has been reduced to a dried-up, dessicated husk.

Special Agent Lucas Avery has dealt with some tricky puzzles in his time, but this is stranger than anything he’s ever encountered. His one lead is a pair of names: ‘Gwen’ and ‘Rhys’...

For Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams, still recovering from the recent, traumatic events that shook the world, life is about to get difficult and dangerous again. For it’s not just Homeland Security on their trail, but something else – something alien, terrifying and deadly...
Army of One has a running time of 1 hour and 10 minutes and will be released on CD and download on March 8th. Pre-order it from Amazon or AudioGo.