Before you contact us, see if we have already asked your questions below:

• What is Tardis Base Magazine?
Tardis Base Magazine is a free, and 100% online seasonly magazine from the makers of Tardis-Base.co.nr. It aims to bring you the best possible online magazine experience it can, all free, for you.

• Where can I get the magazine?
The only place to get Tardis Base magazine is directly here, from tardis-base-magazine.co.nr. You can read it online via our page viewer, or download it as a PDF. It's up to you!

• Will I have to pay?
No! Tardis Base Magazine is 100% free and will always be free.

• Can I get involved in future issues?
We are open to receiving submissions for future issues of the magazine. We won't just accept any article, it will usually be on the grounds that we tell you what to write. If you want to apply, then send us a test article to showcase your skills.

• How often will issues be released?
There will be a new issue of the magazine every season, so 4 issues a year. It works out that there is an issue every 3 months (August, November, February, May). There may also be special editions of the magazine in between for special ocassions.

• How can I leave feedback on the magazine?
You can visit our feedback page, or you can tell us via our facebook or our twitter.

• Can I order a print copy?
Unfortunately, we don't we physical copies of the magazine for copyright and expenses purposes. If we made it into a physical magazine, we would have to charge you your printing and posting services, so it's easier for everyone for it to remain 100% online.

• Can I feature Tardis Base Magazine on my website?
Yes you can! All posts about the magazine are really appreciate and help the magazine a great deal.