DWA #61

The press release is out now for Doctor Who Adventures #61. Thanks to Doctor Who Online.

There’s a menacing red-eye Ood staring out on the cover and inside we look at our favourite moments of last week’s scary episode! You can also test out how well you know the Ood with our tricky quiz.

The issue comes with a FREE Judoon notepad, a set of monster tags and there’s also the final part of our giant Doctor Who double-sided poster. On one side you get a picture of Donna and on the other you get all the monsters from the last series!

:: Three brand-new posters: Miss Foster, Planet of the Ood and the Master.
::The Sontaran Stratagem: special preview of the next Doctor Who episode.
:: Tales from the TARDIS: the Titanic is about to hit Buckingham Palace…
:: Fact file: all you need to know about the Pyrovile.
:: Activity: make a cool 3-D Cyber head!
:: Doctor's Data: Foon Van Hoff.
:: Create your own monster winner: we reveal the winning monster – who also stars in a special comic strip with the Doctor.
:: Time Teasers: Ood food and Bloodtide and Doomfinger with a fun word search.
:: Who knows! Are Cybermen from Earth and can Weeping Angels fly?
:: Win: answer the questions correctly and you could win loads of prizes!
:: Subscription offer: if you subscribe you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who audiobook – The Feast of the Drowned.

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~ Zobles